We adopted Mortimer a year and half ago. He had a hard life and was very neglected when he came to us. As a result, he can be very anxious and fearful of people and loud noises. He also suffers from chronic health conditions including ear and eye infections. We have tried numerous treatments but nothing seemed to work well. I was happy to give Reiki a try with Kimberley to see if she could help Mortimer. Kimberley has a wonderful energy about her and Mortimer trusted her immediately.

In a short time, we have seen a positive change in Mortimer since Kimberley has been working with him. Within a couple of weeks of an intense treatment plan, his ears greatly improved. Before he started Reiki sessions, he would often hold his head to the side in pain, but after working with Kimberley, he no longer does this and his ears do not bother him as much.

He also seems much happier and more open which is very significant since he is still learning to trust people. Before he started working with Kimberley, Mortimer would not walk very far. He was very slow on walks as he was quite timid and his right hind leg seemed to be bothering him as well. After 4 Reiki sessions, he is much more confident on his walks and is now able to walk much further. Before it was hard to get Mortimer to move 5 or 10 feet without giving him a treat. Now he enthusiastically is able to walk around the block and occasionally even trots which he rarely did before. Needless to say, it is much easier to walk him now and he actually waits at the door when we are going out.

Kimberley also showed me how to be more aware of Moritmer’s energy and health. Mortimer looks forward to seeing her. He is always so relaxed when she is working with him. It is obvious that Kimberley has a deep respect and love for animals.

Lu Dias, Toronto, ON

Kimberley’s services and talent have helped our dog get through a terrible, seemingly never-ending ordeal. We brought him to Kimberley as a last resort. He had been suffering for such a long time that in the back of our minds we knew that we could not continue to let him suffer so much. How we wish we had come to her sooner.

Guccio, our miniature poodle cross, has been with us for just over four years. During this time he has been struggling with a severe skin condition that veterinarians have not been able to cure. His skin was raw with open sores, he constantly scratched himself and a large portion of his fur had fallen out.

At adoption, we knew that the skin condition was very likely the reason he was given away. Over the years, we had tried everything that was suggested to us: a myriad of diets, steroids, ointments, shampoos, food regimens, and supplements. For the most part, Guccio’s skin showed only slight improvements which too quickly deteriorated into heavy dandruff, scabs, rashes, and eventually open sores.

Kimberley suggested an intensive Reiki plan for our dog. Four sessions the first week (both in person and distance), two the next week and then once a week for a month. We were very surprised to see changes within the first days of starting Reiki. After the first week, Guccio improved drastically! It seemed unbelievable. His coat started to grow in and his skin became smooth with a healthy colour and texture. After the first week, he did not have any open sores. Now you cannot tell that he had any bald patches, whereas prior to Reiki, he was almost bald.

Most importantly, Guccio is no longer suffering. He now plays, jumps up to welcome us, enjoys going for walks and barks at squirrels. Before Reiki, Guccio was a different dog – sick, quiet, disinterested in walks, toys, games and giving or receiving affection.

Kimberley was our last avenue to helping our dog overcome a condition that lasted over four years and, until now, one that we could not manage. We are so grateful to her for the love and the kindness that she offered our dog. He is strong, confident, healthy and happy and we know that Kimberley and Reiki made the difference.

Monika Szopinska, Toronto, ON

Wonderful!  Amazing!  I was beyond thrilled with the care and attention Kimberley gave my rescue cat, Suzannah, while I was away for work.  She knew exactly how to engage with Suzannah’s very timid, not-always-so-friendly personality.  I am so impressed with how calming Reiki is for animals. I wish I had learned about this sooner!  Kimberley went the extra mile to make sure that Suzannah was happy and comfortable. Her presence alone is wonderful, and the Reiki added in makes her pet sitting services priceless.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Susan Adler, Toronto, ON

Reiki to my cat’s rescue! My cat, Leila, was really sick for weeks. I knew something was wrong when she changed from being a frisky, affectionate cat to one that was miserable, unwilling to play, and barely able to move. She could not eat, and stopped greeting me with her usual meow when I arrived at home.

It all started after a trip to the groomer when her fur would not grow back after she was trimmed and she stopped eating. What followed was numerous trips to the vet, including oral and later topical medications. She would get better for a bit and then something else would start bothering her. She quickly declined and in the end she was scratching so much that her skin was inflamed, and she started losing her fur. She was in a lot of pain and became very withdrawn. The vet thought it may be time for me to consider putting her down as she was in so much pain. I was really concerned and didn’t know what else I could do to help her.

It was then that I called Kimberley. I described the issue with my cat and she suggested we start Reiki sessions right away. Kimberley worked on Leila twice a day for 4 consecutive days.

After the first distance treatment, Leila slept most of the night for the first time in weeks! The next day she woke up and was meowing asking for food. This was amazing as she hadn’t been interested in eating for a long time. Her energy was coming back and for the first time in a long time, she didn’t look like she was in pain. After eating she went to the patio and was rolling on the floor enjoying the sunshine. I couldn’t believe that this was only after one distance session.

Leila received Reiki from Kimberley for the next 3 days and she continued to improve rapidly. By day three, she had resumed her health, was eating well, enjoying her usual naps, and demanding affection like her old self. Her fur had started growing back, and she was climbing atop her kitty condo just as she used to.

Our girl is back! We hope she has many more years to come. Thank you Kimberley for your wonderful, timely attention – I know your Reiki treatments brought Leila back to health. I am so grateful and would recommend pet owners to you any day!

Catherine K., California, USA

When your dog is family, you want the very best care for them.  Boarding was not an option as our dog’s stress level and sticking to her regular routine was really important to us.  We felt so at ease leaving our beloved Holly with Kimberley, and this allowed us to really relax on our vacation. When we got home, Holly was happy and didn’t have any of the stress-induced behavioural issues that she has had with others in the past. It was like we never left!  We were blown away when Kimberley gave us our Reiki report summary and alerted us to some upcoming health issues that had surfaced for Holly.  A month later proved that she was exactly right. Kimberley is now forever our go-to care provider.  Holly loves her, and knowing that she is getting both love and holistic care gives my partner and I great peace of mind when we’re out of town.  If you love your dog, there’s no better choice than Kimberley!

Erin Bentley, Toronto, ON

When my partner and I decided the time was right for us to adopt our first dog, we were only interested in rescuing a dog that was currently living in a shelter. We expected there to be an adjustment period for all of us, but we didn’t expect her to be suffering as much a she was.

After the first couple of days, we realized the newest addition to our family was in quite a lot of pain (physical and emotional). On more than one occasion she had trouble putting her back leg down and it was obvious that she was suffering from anxiety. When we brought food out, she would run and hide in her crate; there were patches on her body with no fur from compulsive licking.

We took her to the local clinic where they recommended surgery for her back leg. The surgeon would require keeping her crated for a minimum of three weeks. We didn’t want to take such drastic action without further exploring our options. I spoke to Kimberley about Reiki, and she explained that it wasn’t a replacement for veterinary care, and shared how the therapy could support our girl. I was extremely interested.

Kimberley set to work and was exceptionally detailed in her description of the work that she conducted – very helpful for me to understand what was going on. Within a couple of days, the fur began to grow back on her tail and her anxiety was noticeably lower. She actually ate some food that I had left on the floor on a plate – we were so happy! There was also an instant change in her physical ability. She can now walk a lot further than before.

There’s a lot more to do and I understand that it takes time to heal, but I know already that with Kimberley’s assistance we will soon have a content, well-adjusted, happy little furry girl.

Thanks Kimberley!

Laura P., Toronto, ON

Kimberley stayed in my home and provided exceptional care to my dog, Dexter, several times over the past few years while I was away on business or vacation.

Dexter is full of energy and sometimes a handful! Kimberley is always wonderfully patient and loving with him. She truly cares about animals, is genuinely concerned about their well-being and is able to relate to them on an individual basis.

She is attentive to Dexter’s needs, giving him a lot of personal attention, playing with him, and always ensuring that he has food and water.

Kimberley is also very trustworthy and dependable. I trust her completely when she is staying in my home with Dexter as she is hard-working, reliable and honest. Since she began dog sitting for me, she has never called to cancel. She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls promptly.

The peace of mind I enjoy when I am away knowing that Dexter is being so lovingly cared for in his own home is invaluable. I have complete confidence in her judgment and reliability.

I highly recommend Kimberley for your dog sitting needs.

Dale Sturges, Toronto, ON

When our beagle cross, Holly, lost the pep in her step recently, we brought her to Kimberley for help. Normally a very energetic, playful, and bouncy gal, Holly was clearly having some pain – it seemed to be in her lower spine. However, we suspected there was more going on with her than a pulled muscle acquired after a robust game of fetch at the park.

After her first session with Kimberley, Holly’s mood and movement both improved about 75%. Holly was completely relaxed and trusting with Kimberley – we were unsurprised by this, as Kimberley was so gentle and respectful of Holly’s needs. After the 2nd session, she was back to her old self: Holly had full range of motion again and the bounce was back in her personality, too.

Kimberley was able to learn from Holly that the leash we were using on her – a gentle leader – was hurting her neck when we walked her; and that this was causing discomfort in her neck and back. A true professional, Kimberley immediately referred us to an excellent pet shop that didn’t just sell us a new harness; they fitted Holly out with the right harness for her!

Perhaps most impressively, Kimberley gently shared with us that Holly had not only been physically out of sorts; but she was also feeling blue because of an unusual amount of stress in our home over the past little while. Kimberley hit the nail on the head; we had been juggling a LOT of stress of late, and it was clearly affecting our normally happy-go-lucky dog.

Kimberley’s incredible gift for healing and communicating with animals truly blew us away. Her profound compassion for animals is, in my opinion, without peer. I have never encountered anyone with deeper, loving concern for these wonderful 4-legged creatures we share so much of our lives with. We are so very grateful to Kimberley for helping to alleviate Holly’s pain – both her physical distress and her emotional discomfort.

We would not hesitate to return to Kimberley with Holly, and often refer other pet owners in Riverdale to her for their pets’ needs.

Erin Bentley, Toronto, ON