Kimberley’s services and talent have helped our dog get through a terrible, seemingly never-ending ordeal. We brought him to Kimberley as a last resort. He had been suffering for such a long time that in the back of our minds we knew that we could not continue to let him suffer so much. How we wish we had come to her sooner.

Guccio, our miniature poodle cross, has been with us for just over four years. During this time he has been struggling with a severe skin condition that veterinarians have not been able to cure. His skin was raw with open sores, he constantly scratched himself and a large portion of his fur had fallen out.

At adoption, we knew that the skin condition was very likely the reason he was given away. Over the years, we had tried everything that was suggested to us: a myriad of diets, steroids, ointments, shampoos, food regimens, and supplements. For the most part, Guccio’s skin showed only slight improvements which too quickly deteriorated into heavy dandruff, scabs, rashes, and eventually open sores.

Kimberley suggested an intensive Reiki plan for our dog. Four sessions the first week (both in person and distance), two the next week and then once a week for a month. We were very surprised to see changes within the first days of starting Reiki. After the first week, Guccio improved drastically! It seemed unbelievable. His coat started to grow in and his skin became smooth with a healthy colour and texture. After the first week, he did not have any open sores. Now you cannot tell that he had any bald patches, whereas prior to Reiki, he was almost bald.

Most importantly, Guccio is no longer suffering. He now plays, jumps up to welcome us, enjoys going for walks and barks at squirrels. Before Reiki, Guccio was a different dog – sick, quiet, disinterested in walks, toys, games and giving or receiving affection.

Kimberley was our last avenue to helping our dog overcome a condition that lasted over four years and, until now, one that we could not manage. We are so grateful to her for the love and the kindness that she offered our dog. He is strong, confident, healthy and happy and we know that Kimberley and Reiki made the difference.

Monika Szopinska, Toronto, ON