We were very fortunate to have Kimberley provide our cat with her special, healing care. Our cat has had a sore, stiff leg for many years and a standoffish personality (she doesn’t seek out close contact). Her response to Kimberley was immediate and remarkable. She curled into her lap and began to purr loudly, obviously very content. She was also unusually affectionate right after Kimberley started working on her sore leg. We have never seen our cat as comfortable, relaxed and at ease as she was with Kimberley. Her limp was significantly reduced after the first Reiki session. It is clear that Kimberley has a unique relationship with animals and that they respond quickly to her energy and touch. Reiki has been such a great way to enhance the health and well-being of our cat. I highly recommend exploring it as a way to support your animal’s care.

Royce Fu, Toronto, ON