We adopted Mortimer a year and half ago. He had a hard life and was very neglected when he came to us. As a result, he can be very anxious and fearful of people and loud noises. He also suffers from chronic health conditions including ear and eye infections. We have tried numerous treatments but nothing seemed to work well. I was happy to give Reiki a try with Kimberley to see if she could help Mortimer. Kimberley has a wonderful energy about her and Mortimer trusted her immediately.

In a short time, we have seen a positive change in Mortimer since Kimberley has been working with him. Within a couple of weeks of an intense treatment plan, his ears greatly improved. Before he started Reiki sessions, he would often hold his head to the side in pain, but after working with Kimberley, he no longer does this and his ears do not bother him as much.

He also seems much happier and more open which is very significant since he is still learning to trust people. Before he started working with Kimberley, Mortimer would not walk very far. He was very slow on walks as he was quite timid and his right hind leg seemed to be bothering him as well. After 4 Reiki sessions, he is much more confident on his walks and is now able to walk much further. Before it was hard to get Mortimer to move 5 or 10 feet without giving him a treat. Now he enthusiastically is able to walk around the block and occasionally even trots which he rarely did before. Needless to say, it is much easier to walk him now and he actually waits at the door when we are going out.

Kimberley also showed me how to be more aware of Moritmer’s energy and health. Mortimer looks forward to seeing her. He is always so relaxed when she is working with him. It is obvious that Kimberley has a deep respect and love for animals.

Lu Dias, Toronto, ON