Reiki to my cat’s rescue! My cat, Leila, was really sick for weeks. I knew something was wrong when she changed from being a frisky, affectionate cat to one that was miserable, unwilling to play, and barely able to move. She could not eat, and stopped greeting me with her usual meow when I arrived at home.

It all started after a trip to the groomer when her fur would not grow back after she was trimmed and she stopped eating. What followed was numerous trips to the vet, including oral and later topical medications. She would get better for a bit and then something else would start bothering her. She quickly declined and in the end she was scratching so much that her skin was inflamed, and she started losing her fur. She was in a lot of pain and became very withdrawn. The vet thought it may be time for me to consider putting her down as she was in so much pain. I was really concerned and didn’t know what else I could do to help her.

It was then that I called Kimberley. I described the issue with my cat and she suggested we start Reiki sessions right away. Kimberley worked on Leila twice a day for 4 consecutive days.

After the first distance treatment, Leila slept most of the night for the first time in weeks! The next day she woke up and was meowing asking for food. This was amazing as she hadn’t been interested in eating for a long time. Her energy was coming back and for the first time in a long time, she didn’t look like she was in pain. After eating she went to the patio and was rolling on the floor enjoying the sunshine. I couldn’t believe that this was only after one distance session.

Leila received Reiki from Kimberley for the next 3 days and she continued to improve rapidly. By day three, she had resumed her health, was eating well, enjoying her usual naps, and demanding affection like her old self. Her fur had started growing back, and she was climbing atop her kitty condo just as she used to.

Our girl is back! We hope she has many more years to come. Thank you Kimberley for your wonderful, timely attention – I know your Reiki treatments brought Leila back to health. I am so grateful and would recommend pet owners to you any day!

Catherine K., California, USA