When your dog is family, you want the very best care for them.  Boarding was not an option as our dog’s stress level and sticking to her regular routine was really important to us.  We felt so at ease leaving our beloved Holly with Kimberley, and this allowed us to really relax on our vacation. When we got home, Holly was happy and didn’t have any of the stress-induced behavioural issues that she has had with others in the past. It was like we never left!  We were blown away when Kimberley gave us our Reiki report summary and alerted us to some upcoming health issues that had surfaced for Holly.  A month later proved that she was exactly right. Kimberley is now forever our go-to care provider.  Holly loves her, and knowing that she is getting both love and holistic care gives my partner and I great peace of mind when we’re out of town.  If you love your dog, there’s no better choice than Kimberley!

Erin Bentley, Toronto, ON