When our beagle cross, Holly, lost the pep in her step recently, we brought her to Kimberley for help. Normally a very energetic, playful, and bouncy gal, Holly was clearly having some pain – it seemed to be in her lower spine. However, we suspected there was more going on with her than a pulled muscle acquired after a robust game of fetch at the park.

After her first session with Kimberley, Holly’s mood and movement both improved about 75%. Holly was completely relaxed and trusting with Kimberley – we were unsurprised by this, as Kimberley was so gentle and respectful of Holly’s needs. After the 2nd session, she was back to her old self: Holly had full range of motion again and the bounce was back in her personality, too.

Kimberley was able to learn from Holly that the leash we were using on her – a gentle leader – was hurting her neck when we walked her; and that this was causing discomfort in her neck and back. A true professional, Kimberley immediately referred us to an excellent pet shop that didn’t just sell us a new harness; they fitted Holly out with the right harness for her!

Perhaps most impressively, Kimberley gently shared with us that Holly had not only been physically out of sorts; but she was also feeling blue because of an unusual amount of stress in our home over the past little while. Kimberley hit the nail on the head; we had been juggling a LOT of stress of late, and it was clearly affecting our normally happy-go-lucky dog.

Kimberley’s incredible gift for healing and communicating with animals truly blew us away. Her profound compassion for animals is, in my opinion, without peer. I have never encountered anyone with deeper, loving concern for these wonderful 4-legged creatures we share so much of our lives with. We are so very grateful to Kimberley for helping to alleviate Holly’s pain – both her physical distress and her emotional discomfort.

We would not hesitate to return to Kimberley with Holly, and often refer other pet owners in Riverdale to her for their pets’ needs.

Erin Bentley, Toronto, ON