Home Visits for Your Animal

A home visit is a VIP level service. Some people choose them simply because their animals love them. Others prefer them as they come with additional benefits that include:

  • an opportunity for me to pick up on relational issues that I might not be privy to in a distance session
  • an opportunity for me to observe secondary issues (sessions deal with your companion’s primary and most urgent concerns)

Once it is clear that your animal is open to receiving Reiki, I will spend a few minutes getting to know them so that they feel safe and comfortable. Depending on the animal’s preference and personality, Reiki may be “hands-on” (light touch) or given from a few feet away. Because of past abuse, anxiety, severe problem behaviours, or simply personal preference, most animals are much more comfortable receiving Reiki indirectly.

Starting the therapy at a small distance away allows your animal to determine how close they would like to be to me during the session. Sessions are always adjusted for their needs and comfort level. Whether given from a distance or through direct touch, the results are the same.

Home visits are only available in Toronto.  Please contact me to see if your home is part of Pawsitive Support’s catchment area.


Distance Sessions

Distance Sessions for Your Animal

Distance sessions are a great option for those who:

  • have an animal that finds it stressful to travel
  • have an animal that is too sick or injured to travel
  • don’t live in Toronto (e.g. Leila’s story)
  • live in the city, but just like the convenience

Unlike home visits, a distance session is an appointment where the client is not in the same physical space as the practitioner. Distance Reiki treatments are identical to in-person sessions – both use animal communication and energy techniques to connect with, and support, your dog or cat. All you need to do is email me a signed and completed intake form with an optional picture of your animal. From there, we’ll set up a day and time for your appointment.

Although it is not necessary, most clients choose to be at home with their companion while they receive Reiki. You may prefer to be at work or away from home during the session, but many clients enjoy observing the changes in their dog or cat during the treatment. Although all animals process Reiki in their own way, a commonly observed reaction is extreme relaxation and drowsiness. As always, after the session, you’re welcome to call me with any questions or concerns.


Sessions for You (Support for Your Animal)

Many of us have fast-paced lives, and stress is often part of the daily culture. Everything is go, go, go whether you’re driving, taking public transit, or working long hours with kids or at the office (or both). Add to that family and relationship challenges and the stress can really start piling up.

We don’t mean to, but sometimes we pass our stress and anxiety onto our animals.

You might notice that your dog has started to lick excessively, pace, or vocalize more. Maybe your cat is restless, distracted, or agitated. Suddenly you’re coming home to shredded toilet paper all over the house or the dreaded, ‘Whoops, I couldn’t hold it.’

We all know we need less stress in our lives, but it’s hard to know what to do. A Reiki session for you may be very helpful. This type of session supports your systems and helps ease your stress so that both you and your animal can benefit. The best gift for your beloved is a more relaxed you.

These sessions take place at my office.  For more information, please click here.