rescuedRescued Animals

Rescued animals have been through a lot. Some have lived in several homes; some have been abused and traumatized. Sadly, some have never known love.

As a result, sometimes these beautiful beings have difficulty transitioning to their new homes and may struggle with fear, anxiety and pain.

Energy therapy is effective at easing anxiety, providing pain relief and addressing their resulting behavioural problems. It helps animals let go of past trauma and embrace their new lives with happiness and confidence.

Reiki is a wonderful tool for helping rescues find their ‘forever’ homes. Sometimes caregivers really want to keep the animals they’re fostering, but don’t because they aren’t sure how to deal with their physical and emotional challenges.

This is where energy therapy is particularly beneficial as it calms stressed animals and helps alleviate any lethargy and depression that can occur while they’re adjusting to their new lives.

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