Going Away for Work or Vacation?

Does your dog or cat ever get anxious when you travel? Do they act out when you return (e.g. peeing on your floor or bedding, glaring at your suitcase, pouting, sulking)? Have they ever come back from a kennel or boarding situation with kennel cough?

With Pawsitive Support, I stay at your home allowing your companion to stay in the comfort and safety of their own environment while receiving daily stress-reducing Reiki treatments to minimize the impact of your travels while you’re away. No more worrying that they’re lonely, no more picking them up and dropping them off. You get peace of mind knowing that they’re home, safe and sticking to their regular routines, and they get phenomenal, loving care. Win, win.

Just imagine – they know exactly where they are, can sleep in their own beds, already know the lay of the land, have no other animals to compete or fight with, stick to their familiar feeding and daily routines, receive tons of love and affection, and are not being exposed to kennel cough and other communicable diseases through boarding.

Here’s what you’ll receive when I stay at your home:

  • in-home / overnight care
  • daily Reiki treatment for each animal
  • tons of love and attention
  • regular, interactive play time
  • meal(s)
  • daily fresh water
  • daily litter box change (for cats)
  • backyard pee breaks (for dogs)

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* Please note that I do not provide dog walking services.  I am happy to coordinate schedules with your dog walker.

* Please also note that although I am available to cat sit in condos and apartments, I am only available to dog sit in houses that have backyard access for play and bathroom breaks.