So What Happens in a Home Visit?

When I come to your home for a session, the process is pretty simple. We sit down, get comfortable, discuss your hopes for the session, and chat about how your animal is doing. If it’s your first home visit, there may be places in the home you’d like me to assess. Some clients also find it beneficial for me to meet the other animals / people in the home who play an important role in their companion’s life as it gives me an opportunity to obtain more information that may be helpful in a session.

If it’s a session solely for your animal, you can either stay and observe, or take advantage of a little ‘you time’ and leave us in a quiet room. Before I start the therapy, the first thing I do is make sure your animal is a willing participant. Through certain behavioural and energetic cues, animals make it pretty clear whether or not they are open to Reiki. Most love the way it feels and can’t wait to begin, but once in a while I meet an animal who is not interested. If this happens, I will end the session and leave it up to you as to whether or not you’d like me to come back and try again. Occasionally an animal just isn’t in the mood.

When I begin the session, I like to start giving your animal Reiki from a short distance away. This way, they can decide whether they want to be far away or close to me while I’m working. Because they’re more in touch with their bodies than we are, they feel the Reiki energy quite strongly. Some animals love the intense feeling and want to be as close to me as possible; others prefer to have some distance so it feels less heightened. It’s kind of similar to listening to music: some people like it loud and others find it more enjoyable when it’s playing softly in the background. During the session, it is common for your animal to fall asleep or get drowsy. Others respond by grooming themselves or moving around. Either way, they will integrate the Reiki in whatever way feels good for them.

If it’s a session for you and your animal, the process is a little different. After I check in with your companion, it’s your turn to get comfortable by either sitting on a chair or lying down, fully clothed, where you feel most comfortable. Your only job is to relax with your animal and enjoy the Reiki. The choice of whether or not I touch you is completely yours. If you’re comfortable with touch, I will lightly place my hands on various parts of your body (e.g. head, limbs, abdomen, feet and back) throughout the session to support the relaxation and healing process. If certain areas hurt (i.e. wounds, bruises), or if you simply don’t want any touch on particular parts of your body for personal reasons, I will hold my hands above these areas instead of using direct contact. While receiving the Reiki, you may feel sensations of heat, subtle pulsing or tingling; as you begin to relax, you might want to take a small nap. Throughout the session, I will be extending the Reiki to both you and your animal.

After the treatment, it is important that your animal has time to rest and relax. Hydration is an essential component of the healing process, and it is important that you and your animal drink extra water during the 24 hours post-therapy.  Within 24 hours, I will send you a report detailing the session including any ‘homework’ that I may suggest. As always, if you have any questions or concerns following your session,  I am here to help.


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      So What Happens in a Home Visit?

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