Mystery Solved! (Velvet’s Story)

Sometimes I find it hard to describe what I do because although I’m a Reiki practitioner, like any other professional, I bring all of my other various skill-sets to my work. In last month’s blog, I described one of my favourite tools that I use to enhance Reiki sessions: animal communication.

A particularly memorable experience with communication occurred with a gorgeous dog named Velvet. Velvet was in her final stage of life. She had a mysterious illness that three veterinarians couldn’t explain as it seemed to come from nowhere. In a couple of months, she had gone from a healthy, happy girl to hardly being able to move. By the time I met her, it was clear that the end was near and that all I could do was support her and help her feel more comfortable in her final days.

Shortly before she died, I had an extraordinary experience. Velvet let me know that she wanted to tell me how she had become ill and what had happened. She was very specific and when she was done, she asked me to pass the information on to her people. I felt vulnerable sharing what she had told me as I wasn’t sure if my understanding was going to make sense to them (and frankly animal communication isn’t always linear). It was a delicate situation.

When I passed on her information, they knew immediately what Velvet was describing; until that moment, they hadn’t realized that a particular event had any connection to her sudden illness. During her final days, Velvet got comfort from knowing that her messages had been passed on to her beloved people and they, in turn, were comforted by her love.

Sometimes ‘proof’ of animal communication is less about the the subject matter and more about a client having what they need to trust and believe that their dog or cat has very real thoughts and emotions. Some people feel silly thinking that their companions may have the capacity to think and feel deeply. New knowledge can begin the process of melting the barriers that are often constructed between humans and non-humans.  I’ve seen minds courageously stretch and hearts crack even wider open as people give themselves permission to consider something outside of traditional Western thought: the animals they live with are exactly as their hearts have always known them to be – full, conscious beings.


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