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Chatelaine Spreads the Word About Reiki

Oh how I love it when skeptics try Reiki and fall in love. When I was first building my human practice, I worked with a lot of them. It never occurred to me to take their skepticism personally; I think it's healthy to question anything and everything. Sometimes you just need to experience something in order to embrace it (or not). In the early days...
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Reiki for Children

Teddy BearAs most of you know, in addition to providing Reiki therapy to animals, I also work with people. What you may not know is that Reiki works wonders with children - just ask Boston Children's Hospital. Want to know more? Check out my site here: Kimberley Book. If you know of a child who struggles...
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Dr. Oz and Reiki

Okay, so I admit I don’t watch his show, but every time a doctor or hospital embraces using Reiki I get kind of excited. Did you know that Dr. Oz, a practicing heart surgeon and TV personality, was into Reiki way before Oprah made him famous? He’s a huge advocate of using it to address various health issues, and even stated on CNN that he thinks using energy in healing will be...
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