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Kimberley Book, Reiki PractitionerMy own health journey inspired me to become a Reiki Master and open Pawsitive Support. For many years, I suffered with debilitating chronic pain and all of its accompanying stress. Desperate for a solution, I tried Reiki and discovered that energy therapy was the missing link to my recovery.

Over time, as my pain disappeared and my stress lifted, I became fascinated with energy systems and the body’s ability to heal itself. Eager to learn more, I studied complementary therapies (Reiki, Reflexology, Body-Talk) and non-Western health systems.

After nearly a decade in the healthcare sector as a Policy Analyst and Consultant, I changed careers, became a licensed holistic practitioner and opened Pawsitive Support.

Whether it’s holistic relief from anxiety, chronic pain, or both, my practice specializes in providing support for your animal’s health and happiness.

Phone: 647.778.3132
E-mail: info@pawsitivesupport.com

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